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Eden of Rothania


Rothania was a peaceful realm filled with talking animals, Fauns, Giants, elves, and Ivors who were dwarfs. It wasn't until a thousand years later that Rothania's queen began to fall, and the first king began to rule. This change in leadership began a new era of strife and war, as the king sought to expand his power and influence. This led to a period of great suffering among the various races of Rothania, as they battled each other for control of the kingdom.

"Brother, is magic real?"

"Of course not, idiot"

There were voices in her dreams calling for her help. They needed her, but where were they? Who are they? She had no idea who or where these voices were coming from. She thought it must be her imagination, but the voices kept calling her, begging her to help them. She was filled with confusion and uneasiness.

The twinkling butterfly changed everything. What if they hadn't followed it? Could the future have been different? The butterfly seemed to be a sign, a sign that the voices were real. However, they weren't sure where it would lead them.

Did the twins actually belong to that place?

Will they be able to change the fate of Rothania?

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