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Mavis the Avifauna

Chapter- 1

One of the blood moon nights, my 106th birthday...

I was allowed to take a flight outside this dark forest. Our tribe was hidden from all, in this deepest, darkest part of this spine-chilling forest. We have large wings on our back, red hairs and deep black eyes which were precious and beautiful for us, but as our ancestors said the humans who are a different race than us, who don't like us and insult us by saying "devil". We aren't devils, we are called Avifauna. Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the grass. I turned around and saw my mom with some of my friends and relatives, they were still afraid of letting me go.

'I'll come back soon, I just wanna see what's outside this forest. I know all the precautions!!' I said with a smile

'Mavis, always remember this world has never once been equal!!' my mom's worried smile as she said this, makes me want to curse God! Well, it's not gonna change anything.

I took the flight to the world beyond the forest. I crossed the steep mountains and the surging rivers, I went close to the water, it was cold. I splashed it here and there for fun. The moon shone brightly in the sky, it was one of the most beautiful nights in my life where I can go as far as I want and no one's gonna stop me.

I started my flight again and after a while the world where humans lived came. It was fancy and the place was quiet, grey and foreboding, the castle stood atop the hill looking down across the small town, I found a young man gazing up at the blood moon. I hid behind a tree and stared at the young man, for the first time I saw a human.

'You are there! aren't you? come out, I can see your wings' that young man said

I was petrified, closer and closer he came, the air turned black around me, the shrill cry of my villagers who were killed by humans echoed in the mist, the last thing in my mind was KILL.

Icy fingers gripped my arm in the darkness, I attacked him, with an unconscious mind of mine, I pinned him down.

'I-I'll KILL YOU' I said while breathing heavily with my piercing stare. He wasn't afraid, nor was he screaming for help, just a normal boy with honey blond hair and mischievous ocean eyes, like the ones I have seen in the books.

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