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Hours of Darkness


They wake up to the hooters, adults go to work, kids go to school to obtain knowledge- wish they could say that, because this ain't no normal school.

You get trained, you get points, get selected and have a bright future in sight.

They call it utopia, but to them it was nothing more than a dystopia.
Divided into FIVE sectors and two domains.
Each sector does all sorts of work just to get three meals a day, and the domains? Silver and Gold-enjoys the luxury of their blood and sweat in exchange of Ruh, the currency.

Every sector gets the invitation letters from the domain, five lucky teens get a chance to be the crown, to get better education and support. A golden opportunity to be the part of the domain.

Little do they know, sympathy? Towards the sectors? RIDICULOUS.
It's a warning more like a symbol, every year, they remind the sectors, they were all at the mercy of domains.

What's the proof? you ask. well, who knows. As none of the teens survived to tell the tale.

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