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About me!

Being an Author

Assistant Editor


002_Yuki_Onna here! I am a college student and I love to read books, hence started creating one to fit my fantasies. Oh, and my name was an accident. I never thought I would start writing. But they say 'expect the unexpected'. You can call me Yuki. It's snow time!!


Being an author is fun and not at all fun at the same time. When I first started writing it was purely out of boredom and to have some fun. As of now, I do it professionally you can say xD. Sometimes my sleep schedule gets all messed up. When I am close to the deadline, I will have rituals at night of writing 1500-1700 words in one go. At times it's a struggle, at times it's not. The ability to create stories – there’s something really magical about that. I made the decision I wasn’t going to write books where I was aiming to be “good”. I want to write the books I really want to read.

Apart from being an author I work as an assistant editor too in a few platforms. I particularly like this job because it's something I enjoy doing. If you are an aspiring author and want to publish your book online and get contracted and even earn some bucks from it. Feel free to contact me. I work with my authors on proofreading and how can they improve their novels in a good way. It's really an amazing journey, Looking forward to this rollercoaster ride.

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