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# “Behind the Scenes: A Hilarious Interview with the Characters of 'Hours of Darkness'”

Welcome, dear readers, to a truly unique interview. Today, we have with us the characters of the book "Hours of Darkness," ready to take on their creator and give me a piece of their minds. I, who thought it would be fun to put them through all sorts of trials and tribulations, is about to face the wrath of my own creations. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we witness the characters taking over the interview and giving their own hilarious and candid responses.

Author: Welcome to our guests! (Claps!) Hey guys, it's great to finally meet you all! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

Lue: (folds her arms) Can we make this quick? We have a dystopian world to save, you know.

Author: Right, sorry about that. So, what's it like living in a world divided into sectors and domains?

Ayaan: (grinning) Oh, you know, just a little bit of oppression and inequality. No biggie.

Eve: (giggles) Yeah, and let's not forget the yearly selection where teenagers are sent to their doom in the domain. Fun stuff.

Beric: (rolls his eyes) Speak for yourself, Eve. I'd rather stay in the sector and sharpen my knives.

Atlas: (smirks) That's why you're not the leader, Beric.

Lorek: (quietly) Can we please stay on topic? The fate of our world is at stake.

Author: Of course, my apologies. Let's talk about you guys. What makes you stand out from other characters in dystopian books?

Lue: (puffs up her chest) Well, for starters, I'm not your typical damsel in distress. I can hold my own in a fight.

Eve: (interrupts) And I'm the funniest character you'll ever read about! (starts telling a joke)

Beric: (sighs) I'm probably the only character in a dystopian book that actually enjoys solitude and being alone with my thoughts.

Lorek: (smiles) And I'm the cinnamon roll of the group. I may look tough on the outside, but I have a soft heart.

Ayaan: (grins) And I'm the medic of the group. I know everything there is to know about herbs and natural remedies.

Atlas: (laughs) And I'm the wildcard. You never know what I'm going to do next, but you can bet it's going to be epic.

Author: (smiling) You guys sound like an amazing group of characters. I can't wait for readers to get to know you better.

All of them exchanged smirks and high-fives, clearly pleased with how they handled my questions. But before they could leave, they turned to face me with stern expressions.

Lue: Listen, we need to talk.

Beric: Yeah, we know you're the one who put us through all those trials and tribulations in the book. We just want to know why?

I was nervous to the point where 99.12% of my face was screaming it. Perhaps I went a little too far while writing, though no regrets!

Author: (Stammers) Well, you see, I wanted to create a sense of tension and excitement for the readers.

The characters exchange looks and then nod in agreement.

Lorek: Okay, we get that. But did you have to make it so hard for us? We almost died, like- I lost count!

Atlas: (steps forward, placing a hand on my shoulder): Look, we're not mad, just disappointed. But we'll let it slide...this time. Just promise us that you'll go easy on us in the sequel, okay? (Smiles)

I screamed internally, not because he was handsome but because it was scary. Mind you.

Author: (Nods with 24 km/hr): I promise, I'll make it up to you guys. (Fingers crossed!)

As I watch the characters storm out of the room, I can't help but chuckle to myself. These guys are a handful, but they're also the reason I keep writing. I'm sure they'll come back eventually, they always do. Maybe I'll even throw them a bone and give them a happy ending for once.

But for now, I'll sit back with my coffee and smile. Who knows what kind of trouble they'll get into next? All I know is that I'll be there to document it all, with a pen in one hand and a bucket of popcorn in the other. Bring on the chaos, because, with these guys, it's always a wild ride.

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