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my works

All of the works I have written till now. The main genres I focus on are thriller, mystery, sci-fi and Romance fantasy.

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Eden of Rothania

This is my latest novel which I started writing for a contest. Hope people will like it and support me. The story has a lot of fantasy and magic! I blew things up and throw in some action and romance and then kill off more characters! 

Hours Of Darkness

The story follows Five teens who were trying to get a name for themselves. The secrets and the wrong deeds are done by their king. Will they be able to reveal all of them? Or will the tyrant will claim his victory?

Dark Spooky Simple Mysteries Horror Stories Book Cover.jpg

The Mysterious House

This novel is kind of special to me. Only because of this novel, I got so many new opportunities that took me this far. It follows five sixteen-year-old teenagers who were forcefully brought to a place with no walls,  no ceiling, and no floor: nothing but endless flights of stairs.  

Friends Reunion Turns Into Love

The very first chat novel which I wrote as an author. It was a great experience to me. Chat novel is not like the normal novel it will have character's speaking their dialogue and the story will put forward. It is a romance high-school love story. Hope you'll enjoy!


Short story

The only short story I have written is about an avifauna princess and a prince. What sacrifices were to be made and how did they overcome them?

Have you ever seen an Avifauna(bird woman) long for freedom? want to see the outside world, who was tired of living in that dense and dark forest? who wanted to see what humans look like!!
Every 19 years, the blood moon comes and so does her birthday...a beautiful Avifauna with wings on her back and red hair with deep black eyes!!
did she get the freedom she wanted?

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