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Yuki_Onna Novels

Step into my world of words, where stories are born and characters come to life. Whether you're a book lover or a curious explorer,

I invite you to join me on a journey through my bookshelf.


My works

All of the works I have written till now. The main genres I focus on are thriller, mystery, sci-fi, and Romance fantasy.

Eden of Rothania

Eden of Rothania

Join the journey of a twin guided by a twinkling butterfly to change the fate of a war-torn kingdom. Can they alter Rothania's destiny, or will they succumb to the first king's reign of terror? Discover magic, danger, and adventure in this thrilling tale.

Hours Of Darkness

In a dystopian world of inequality, five lucky teens are chosen to leave their sector and join the privileged domain. But no one has ever returned. Sympathy for the oppressed sectors is mocked, and survival of the fittest is the only law. Will anyone challenge the status quo, or is this the new normal? Find out in this gripping tale of hope and rebellion.


Mavis the avifauna

Have you ever seen an Avifauna(bird women) to long for freedom? want to see the outside world, who was tired of living in that dense and dark forest? who wanted to see what humans look like!!

In every 19 years, the blood moon comes and so her birthday...a beautiful Avifauna with wings on her back and red hair with deep black eyes!!

did she got the freedom she wanted?

The mysterious house

Five orphans awaken in a bizarre building with no end, no walls, and a cruel machine that tests them at every turn. They must work together to find a way out and discover the truth behind their strange captivity. But can they overcome their differences and the brutal challenges are thrown their way? Enter a world of mystery and suspense in this thrilling tale of survival and self-discovery.

The mysterious House

Friends reunion turns into Love

Childhood friends Cheryl and Karma were torn apart by bullying, but fate brought them back together in high school. With their troubled past still lingering, can they reconcile and move forward? Join them on a journey of forgiveness and unexpected twists in this gripping tale of friendship and fate.

Whispers from My Diary

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of "Whispers from My Diary"! This upcoming book is a heartfelt collection of poems that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the highs of love and happiness to the depths of heartbreak and self-reflection. It's like peeking into the secret pages of a personal diary, where the writer, that's me, pours out her soul with unfiltered honesty.

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In "Wanderlust," I celebrate the freedom and beauty of nature, encouraging myself to explore and appreciate the world around me. Through vivid imagery and enchanting whispers, I am reminded of the importance of connecting with the earth and finding joy in the journey.

Come wander with me through the shades of blue, and let the whispers of the earth enchant you.


Being an author 

Being an author is tough, but seeing your ideas come to life on the page is worth it. I get to express myself, share my perspective, and connect with readers in a way that's both fun and fulfilling


“Yuki‘s services were very helpful and encouraging”



Coffee, Class, and Chapters: A Day in the Life of a College Student Author

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